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Two quick updates!

Doctor Vowels!

I’ve now passed my Doctoral Dissertation defense, and made the revisions requested by my committee, so I’m officially done with graduate school. If you’re curious, I talk more about my dissertation here, and you can read the abstract here. Now, I’m moving on to a new position at the University of Michigan as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

Although I’ve loved my time at the University of Colorado, I’m really thrilled for this next opportunity, and will keep you all in the loop as more fun research comes my way.

Creative Commons License

This site is getting a surprising number of hits (400-500 daily), and I’ve put a lot of effort into some of these posts. So, to avoid any future difficulty, I’ve decided to clarify the license of the content posted here.

As you can see from the bottom of the page, I’ve chosen to put this content under a Creative Commons (4.0) Share-alike license, just as I chose for my Praat guidebook. This license says three important things:

  1. You may share, copy, redistribute, or adapt the content however you see fit. The content belongs to the public, as any academic content should.

  2. If you do re-use or modify this content, you have to credit me for it, link to the license, and show if changes were made.

  3. If you do re-use or modify this content, the resulting content must also be released under the same Creative Commons License.

This last part is the most important. If people are going to put work into a free website, an online guidebook, or even an open textbook, their work should remain free. People trying to make a quick buck should not be able to swoop in, repackage others’ work, and then put it behind a paywall again.

It may seem like a silly thing to think about for a small blog, but these little declarations and our continuing push for open access are the sort of low-level steps that we all can take to ensure that the content we’re producing for education, for science, and for the betterment of the field is, and remains, open to all.

Post Date: March 21, 2015
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