Notes from a Linguistic Mystic

From time to time, I feel the need to share a word with the world, which addresses a clear need in the English language (as well as in the universe, in general).

Oblication [noun] - A “vacation” where the destination, timing, and most other aspects of the trip are determined (or strongly coerced) by family or social obligations. Recreation and relaxation, where possible at all, usually come only at the whim of fate.

In use:

“Want to come with me to Vegas?” “I wish. I used up all of my days off on an oblication for my aunt’s destination wedding in wine country”

“I’d love to stop by while I’m in town, but I’m on oblication, so I won’t have two spare minutes in between family gatherings.”

Having just returned from a real vacation, with an oblication on the horizon, the difference is astounding, and tragically unmarked in our society.

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