Notes from a Linguistic Mystic

One of the casualties of moving this site over to Jekyll was that my Wordpress blogroll (which contained many interesting links) went away.

Well, this weekend, I remade my personal homepage (again using Jekyll), and as a part of that, I rebuilt my Linguistic Resources link list there, now available from the sidebar. I’ve done my best to include a variety of sites (some of which are linklists themselves) which I find useful, interesting, funny, or informative from a Linguistic (and mostly Phonetic) perspective.

This supplants the account I had been using to share links (which has now been deleted). If you’d like a link or have one to recommend (and you aren’t a spammy SEO person), please let me know.

Also, as an aside, I’ve also enabled pagination for this site, such that you should be able to use the links way at the bottom of the page to read through my whole posting history, if for whatever reason, you wanted to.

Slow progress is still progress. Let’s hope my dissertation advisor agrees.

Post Date: October 13, 2012
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