Notes from a Linguistic Mystic

One year and two days ago, Notes from a Linguistic Mystic first went online.

Now, 367 days and 44,000+ unique visitors later, LingMystic is celebrating its first birthday.

This year has been above and beyond any of my expectations. In addition to being interviewed by the Australian State Press, I’ve been linked on Wikipedia in several places, and I get 100+ hits from google each day for people looking for linguistics information. It seems that the word is definitely getting out, and that brings me happiness.

However, what brings me the most joy and amazement is the loyal and fascinating group of people who read my site frequently and comment on my articles. It’s wonderful to hear that other people find these ideas useful and interesting, and it’s a great motivation. All comments, positive and negative, help me improve the site and give me new perspectives. I really do appreciate the involvement of the readers, and it really makes writing here even more worthwhile.

Gazing down the road

So, what’s planned for the next year of Notes from a Linguistic Mystic?

Well, the simple answer is more of the same. I’m hoping to continue writing whenever I get the chance and get an interesting idea, and I’ve got some very interesting topics in mind. I’m hoping to build on my past work with some longer, more involved posts about subjects about which I’m really knowledgeable, and I’m hoping to continue being a resource for people searching about the internet. However, there are also changes I’m planning to make.

I’ve found myself posting more and more on subjects that I suspect mainstream readers will find interesting, but that I’m not as knowledgeable or interested in. Although it certainly does succeed in getting up the numbers of viewers, I’m realizing that it makes this site less enjoyable for me to write and less credible for you to read. So, I’m going to return to my earlier tradition, writing about what interests me, rather than what I think would interest you. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to try to be boring, and I’m going to do my damnedest to keep the postings readable and interesting to all readers. Please feel free to guide me along this path, letting me know what you think of the posts and letting me know if there was anything you didn’t understand.

Also, I’ll be diversifying a bit. I’ve been invited to Guest-Blog for an article at another site (I’ll announce it formally when I’ve finished the post), and I’m also planning some other sub-projects. Although the Linguistic Mystic blog will always be my main presence on the internet, I’m hoping that there might be some other ways of bringing interesting language to the masses.

So, that said, thanks for a year of reading, and here’s to another year of writing.

Finally, some Linguisticism

Since I do my best to include some linguistics in every post, and given today’s post’s theme, I’d like to talk for a moment about the Spanish word for “year”, año. Now, as most Spanish learners will find out, it’s very important that the tilde (~) be included over the “n” in this word, telling us that the word is pronounced pronounced “anyo” (/ɑɲjo/).

Why, you might ask? Well, without the tilde, we have ano, which is the Spanish word for “anus”.

Sometimes, one can get away without accents and diacritics, but you’re going to want to pay close attention to the tilde. That is, unless you’d actually like to wish your friends a happy new anus.

Post Date: July 18, 2007
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