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The Quikboy Strikes Back

Just a few quick notes. Around a week ago, I wrote an article on the Typo defense which featured a comment from somebody posting as “Quikboy”.

Well, somebody claiming to be Quikboy (and I’ve no reason not to trust him) just posted a very courteous reply in the comments. I’ve since replied to his reply, and I wanted to let you all see his side of the argument.

This just highlights the fact that I consider everything on here a discussion. Comments are moderated (to avoid spam comments), but I’ve never once deleted a human-created comment. Rest assured, whatever you (as a human) post, it will get approved. If you don’t like what I have to say or want to defend another side, please do by posting a comment. I’ll reply, and I might even post something like this to make sure you get heard.

In my Graduate Phonetics class, the professor carried a jar of candy. At the beginning of the first day of class, she explained that the candy is for anybody who corrects one of her mistakes in class. All throughout the semester, if somebody called her on an erroneous transcription or a misspeech, she happily handed over some candy and fixed the mistake. I like the idea, and want to try it here.

I’m just a student, and I’m often writing about things with which I’m by no means an expert. So, if anybody out there finds a mistake in my site, I’ll add a link to your blog (see the fine print below) in the sidebar in a “Found a mistake” section. If you find an issue, either email me or leave a comment, and if I think it’s one too, I’ll edit the mistake and give you your link. I really do want things on here to be fairly accurate, so if I mess up, I’d like to be called on it. So, let the games begin!

(The Fine Print: By “mistake”, I’m talking about misstatements, misrepresentations, and things that are fairly objectively wrong here. I’ll gladly discuss theoretical disputes or other such disagreements about opinions, but I’m not sure they qualify as mistakes. Also, I reserve the right to not post links to certain sites or types of sites. Sorry, but if your site has adult/not-safe-for-work content or is clearly an advertising-only or spam blog, I’ll offer to link to a different site, or at least give other recognition.)

Post Date: March 20, 2007
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